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Thread: can i desing mobile site with Dreamweaver?

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    can i desing mobile site with Dreamweaver?

    Hello Guys,
    Tell me that can i design mobile site on Dreamweaver or not, please share your feedback and give me suggestion.

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    Yes Certainly there is a way to design mobile site.Dreamweaver CS 5.5 has incorporated a new feature called Phone Gap.
    Using phone gap you can easily create websites optimized for mobile
    devices such as iPads,iPhones and Android phones.The great thing
    about using this feature is that it will automatically create a version for
    multiple devices.

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    Yes you can create mobile application development using Dreamweaver for both OS Android and iOS,
    You can do it with Dreamweaver cs5.5 to create a mobile application using the very easy and useful PhoneGap Framework and deliver rich native application to iOS and android without needing or requiring learning new languages or tools.

    CS5.5 includes integration with PhoneGap that is an open source development framework for building mobile applications
    You can also quickly test your mobile web apps as native apps for android and iOs based mobile devices.

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