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Thread: Will the myslqi extension become the new standard?

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    Question Will the myslqi extension become the new standard?

    According to what i had read, mysqli is an alternative to the standard mysql but it is an optional choice..

    however i noted that some methods are deprecated in normal mysql, such this:http://php.net/manual/en/function.mysql-fetch-array.php...
    So, this means that mysqli will totally replace mysql?

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    In PHP, the old mysql extension has been officially deprecated in favor of either the MySQLi or PDO extensions (the latter presumably making use of the MySQLi API) for quite some time now. You should definitely be making the shift, which then also lets you make the shift to the use of prepared statements, as well as fully object-oriented database-related application code.

    PS: Saying MySQLi is an alternative is sort of like saying IE 10 is an alternative for IE 7 or IE 8 -- MySQLi has more features and is more robust, so there's no good reason to stick with the old MySQL except possibly for backward compatibility on hopelessly behind-the-times servers.
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