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Thread: Help resizing a link window from randam rotating graphics.

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    Help resizing a link window from randam rotating graphics.

    On our website I have random rotating graphics on our home page. As well as a link to a CEO message video we had made. When the CEO Message link is clicked a pop up message comes up stating that Quick Time Player is needed to view the video and that it can be downloaded from www.apple.com/quicktime/download. If OK is clicked the video opens in a new window sized 640 x 375.

    Here is the pop up window message code,


    function leaveCheck2(url) {

    if(confirm("Apple Quick Time Player is needed to view video. To download Quick Time Player visit www.apple.com/quicktime/download."))window.open("http://www.mywebsite.com/ceomessage.mov","mywindow","menubar=1,resizable=1,width=640,height=375")



    and this is the link,

    <a onclick="leaveCheck2(this.href); return false" href="ceomessage.mov">
    font color="#800000">Message from the CEO</font></a>

    I would like the same thing to happen when the ceo message graphic is clicked. Is that possible??


    Here is the random rotating graphic code,

    var imagenumber = 2 ;
    var randomnumber = Math.random() ;
    var rand1 = Math.round( (imagenumber-1) * randomnumber) + 1 ;
    var URLs = new Array() ;
    images = new Array

    images[1] = "images/indexpics/image1.jpg"
    images[2] = "images/indexpics/ceomessage.jpg"

    var image = images[rand1] ;
    var linknumber = 2 ;
    var img1 = Math.round( (linknumber-1) * randomnumber) + 1 ;
    links = new Array

    links[1] = "page1.htm"
    links[2] = "ceomessage.mov"

    var link = links[img1];
    document.write('<a href="' + link + '"><img src="' + image + '" border="0"></a>') ;

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    Wow, really no help. Here I thought it would be something simple. I wish I knew more about this stuff.

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