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Thread: need help with layout and table span

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    Unhappy need help with layout and table span


    ive been stuck for over a month and you have no idea how much it would mean to me if someone could help me get past this so i can get back to building content

    i need help to add some new tables and span them a certain way
    i also need my page to be broken into sections within the html view so that i can easily tell which section is which when i use each section as piece of a template at a later date

    i dont need any other aspect of the page changed just work with the page as it is

    heres the page

    all i really need is for the main content section (the table which has the wallpapers, resolutions and social media stuff) split into about 6 or 7 rows. the way i will look is 6 or 7 rows and then the sidebar on the right will still be in the same position.

    also the tables above the 3 boxes are double sized with text in them, i dont need them to be double sized

    and thats it

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    Breaking your sections down in HTML view. Use comment tags. This is how:

    These 4 characters start your comments.

    These three characters end your comments

    Anything you type in between <!-- and --> will only be visible in the source and HTML views.

    Ex <!-- this sentence is only visible in source and HTML views -->

    Start labeling the beginning and ending sections you want to bring a developer's attention to

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    And for column spanning, please see this brief tutorial:


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