Hello everyone. I have been told that PHP, javascript and html would be needed for this. So I am here to explain and ask your advice.

Since being severely disabled in a car accident, I am trying to make use of what I have left. I would like to use my knowledge and try to help those who want to get back to work. I will give my time for free but the cost of using council premises must be paid for, albeit heavily subsedised by the benefits department.

I will need a single page. It will need a datepicker (so I am told) where students can see what days are available and then select their chosen dates and complete their details. Then, the system will make some calculations and send me an email with the details that I can add to official paperwork and email on, to the student, the benefits department and the local council. I would also like to be able to "log in" to the page, to put the details in myself and still to send me the email with the details, as before.

Should I explain everything I am trying to achieve, in one post, or can someone advise me as to which parts need which code and make separate posts in the corresponding threads?

I am trying to study as much as possible and am finding this forum a great help. But, a little help or guidance in the right direction would be great.

Thank you, in advance, for your help