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Thread: display multiple .gifs individually on a timer schedule html

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    display multiple .gifs individually on a timer schedule html


    we are desperately seeking an html code that will allow us to display multipal .gif animated banners of different sizes individually at specific times of the day.

    Here is the scenario.... We have approximately 25 staff members who need to display an animated .gif on a website for the duration of their shift. We need to be able to program or alter it as the schedule changes so that we may change the duration that each .gif is displayed. We need it to be html format so it can be added to the website.

    Please if anyone can point us in the right direction on how to do this or even advise us on an html application we can use to archive this would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you very much

    ontario canada

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    Hi Dave, I've moved your post to a thread if its own, in the general section, because the graphical aspect is incidental to what you are asking for (which cannot be achieved with just html/css anyway). Also there are server-side as well as client-side implications. So precisely how it would be implemented may depend upon your existing systems and the languages they are written in.

    Best of luck...

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