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Thread: What is the best way to start looking for a web designer?

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    What is the best way to start looking for a web designer?

    Im looking to design a website for a business I am starting, call it social gathering for now but I dont know where to start - internet, word of mouth, research blogs, web design specific sites? etc

    Would like to find someone who is willing to break traditional norms in design but man its tuff to know which path to take he. Any help would be MUCH appriciated.

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    If you are looking for a best company in web design industry then search them in internet,lots of companies are saturated which is best.

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    Best way to start looking for web designer are:

    - Research more about web designing latest trends and companies providing these services.
    - Choose best CMC which provide maximum profit to you.
    - Search engine friendly.
    - Firstly have a pictorial documentation of your theme design

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    If you are looking for the Freelancer then can check out on any internet, but if you are actually looking a full timer then can check out on any jobs sites or the best can be Linkedin.

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    Search for more web designing trends. Make it and showcase it in your portfolio.

    This is a good way to start.

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    Find an interactive agency and be sure to check portfolio. Do they realize projects that you enjoy?

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