I run a popular news site and we are looking for a webmaster/programmer to work with us on managing the site.

Things really aren't working out with the current company we are using and so we are looking for someone fairly quickly.

The problem is I'm not a technical person and understand little about the development side of things. I won't rush into hiring someone but have read so many horror stories of people who have hired the wrong people.
I usually go off personal recommendations and was wondering if people here know of any good programmers who can help manage complex site?

If you can't refer anyone in particular do you know of any good companies or a good way to go about finding someone.

Our current developers have said the person will need:
PHP (several years experience)
CSS / CSS3 (inc. excellent knowledge of past browser support)
Knowledge of CodeIgniter or other MVC frameworks would be very beneficial
Experience of working with APIs, such as MailChimp and PayPal Payments Pro
JavaScript and working with AJAX
o Ideally jQuery
Strong understanding of SEO principles
Should be comfortable working with Photoshop PSDs
Experience with CDNs and caching techniques would be ideal
One of the most important things I can't put into a bullet point is that they've got to be able to use their initiative and plan ahead, keeping the code as organised as possible as they go.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.