Ok so I will start from the beginning, I'm not a web developer. Everything I know about building a web site has been
self taught. So in reality I have know Idea what I'm doing. I run a paintball team out of St. Louis Missouri and we are
attempting to build a website for that team. My first attempt at this was to buy the Dname (www.stltgd.com) and
hosting from hostgator.com. I set up a responsive templet through wordpress, and the website was up.

The wordpress site would not have given us the flexibly we need from the site, so I went about learning how to build my own foundation site, that could be expanded on later. I taught myself the basics of HTML and CSS, and got a copyof dreamweaver CS6. Learning as I went I created a really nice foundation for my site on dreamweaver. Now
here is where it all gets messed up.

Through youtube I learned how to connect dreamweaver to my hostgator server, I linked the two and uploaded my
files to my server. When I looked at the site in the browser most of it was there, the background the content box,
now my HTML5 video would not play and the same for the flash slideshow I put in through another program (I now
know dreamweaver can this it's self). The menu was really messed up, I had put in a very nice vertical drop down
menu in. In a stupid move I thought the wordpress files in host gator file manager were messing with the file I
uploaded to the file manger were messing with one another. So I mad another stupid move and erased all the
wordpress files, then I got even stupider and deleted any file that was not one that came from my dreamweaver
upload. Now the page www.stltgd.com displays nothing but white and black text, parts of the menu, and something about an Apache server (I get a picture of it or the website should be up, hell I'm paying for it.)

Thanks in advance for anyone that want to lend a noob a hand.