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Thread: autocomplete populate drop down lists

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    autocomplete populate drop down lists

    I have an auto complete textbox that i would like to populate drop down lists after selecting the item for the text box. Granted i'm sure i can do this by reloading form or something like that but i want to do it much like the auto complete does and just parse the info through a file onBlur.

    This code works for the autocomplete but i need to pass the brand_id to the form as well....
    function lookup(brand) {
            if(brand.length == 0) {
                // Hide the suggestion box.
            } else {
                // post data to our php processing page and if there is a return greater than zero
                // show the suggestions box
                $.post("brand_search.php", {brand: ""+brand+""}, function(data){ 
                    if(data.length > 0) {
        } //end
        // if user clicks a suggestion, fill the text box.
        function fill(thisValue) {
            setTimeout("$('#suggestions').hide();", 200);
        function populate(sub_brand) {
            $.post("sub_brand_search.php", {sub_brand: ""+sub_brand+""}, function(data){
                    if(data.length > 0) {
    The form as i would like for it to look and operate minus layout.
    <form method="post" action"">
    <input name="brand" type="text" id="brand" onkeyup="lookup(this.value);" onblur="fill();" size="35" maxlength="45" autocomplete="off">
    <div class="suggestionsBox" id="suggestions" style="display: none;">
            <img src="<?=$relative_path?>coupon/style/images/upArrow.png" style="position: relative; top: -18px; left: 30px;" alt="upArrow" />
            <div class="suggestionList" id="autoSuggestionsList"></div>
    <input type="checkbox" name="type[]" id="type" value="1">Brand
    <input type="checkbox" name="type[]" id="type" value="2" onChange="populate(sub-brand)">Sub-Brand //could even go for something like this... that if once checked then it created a drop-down list but used info coming from text field. 
    <input type="checkbox" name="type[]" id="type" value="3">Category
    <input type="checkbox" name="type[]" id="type" value="4">Sub-Category
    <select name="sub_brand" id="sub_brand">
    <option value = "1">list of options</options> <!--query after autocomplete completed and/or checkbox selected-->
    <select name="category" id="category">
    <option value = "1">list of options</options> <!--query after autocomplete completed and/or checkbox selected and if sub_brand selected change again-->
    <select name="sub_category" id="sub_category"> <!--query after autocomplete completed and/or checkbox selected and if category selected change again-->
    <option value = "1">list of options</options>
    Here you can see the php file i have for the auto complete to see that i want to pull the brand_id to the form as well. I just don't know how to do it...
    PHP Code:

    <?php    include("session.php"); 
    // Check the user has typed something in our input box.
    if(isset($_POST['brand'])) {
    $mysearchString $_POST['brand'];
    // Is the string length greater than 0?
    if(strlen($mysearchString) > 0) {
    $query $database->query("SELECT `brand`, `brand_id`
    FROM `brand`
    WHERE brand 
    LIKE '
    LIMIT 10"
    ); // limits our results list to 10.
    if($query) {

    $num_rows mysql_num_rows($query);
    for (
    $n=0$n<$num_rows$n++) { 
    $brand mysql_result($query$n"brand")
    $brand_id mysql_result($query$n"brand_id");
    '<li onClick="fill(\''.$brand.'\');">'.$brand.'</li>';
    } else {
    'ERROR: There was a problem with the query.';
    } else {
    'Access denied.';
    sorry for php script it didn't copy across correctly...

    **table for sub_brand has brand_id, sub_brand , sub_id
    **table for category has brand_id, category, cat_id
    **table for sub_category has brand_id, sub_id, sub_category

    I know when the brand is pulled from the database i need to pull the brand_id and put it through to the form just like i did with the brand however i don't want this a known but hidden(cookie, session, hidden field). again also i don't want to have to reload the form for each field change...

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    not even an idea? was my post confusing?

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