Hi i am new to this site and this is my first post. I just finished the re-design of the website for the company that i work for, and i wanted to get some people's feedback.

A little background of the company is that we are an event broadcasting company that targets both businesses and consumers so I had to separate our messaging really into two sites.

On the business side of things we have a product which is an embeddable event calendar widget. Businesses can choose from the Free version or paid versions depending on what they are looking for and customize the look and feel of the widget they select to look like their brand. Then all they have to do is embed an iFrame onto their site and its up and running. They add events to their calendar and it automatically updates their widget as well as syncs with other 3rd party calendars such as Google, Yahoo, etc. We also promote their added events locally and nationally to over 100,000 websites helping to gain exposure.

On the personal side of things the focus is to get across the message that people can follow their favorite brands calendars and gain access to all of their events. They can also use it as a personal calendar if they want or create calendars to share with family or friends. We also created a mobile app so people can access the calendars they are following from there phone.

So that's the background if you could all let me know if you feel that this design and messaging clarifies that is some way that would be great.

The site is http://www.squaredout.com