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Thread: Online TV channel.

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    Online TV channel.

    I'm a freelancer. I have got a new project proposal. A local TV channel needs an Internet TV. They need to broadcast their live channel on internet. That means I need to connect their cable channel to internet.

    Someone please help me. I've some of these main doubts.

    1. What kind of servers we need?
    2. What should be the structure of the coding?
    3. What all hardware I need?
    4. Finally how an Online TV really works?

    Thanks in Advance I really need your help.

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    You can refer more info at adult website design. Hope it can help.

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    When I get a free online TV channel, the picture on the screen takes a long time to appear. And when the picture appears it stops and I have to wait for a long time for the motion of the picture. I'll be grateful to you if you could solve this problem?

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