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Thread: What is HTML5 ?

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    What is HTML5 ?

    Hello Guys,
    Do you know, what is HTML-5? if Yes, then please share your knowledge about html5.

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    HTML5 is version 5 of HTML standards. To define it, simply write: <!DOCTYPE html>

    My favorite feature with the recent version is CANVAS, and the ability to render WebGL in the canvas. There are to many features to describe, and plenty of online documents and tutorials, simply use: GOOGLE

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    HTML5 is the latest version of HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 specializing in the needs of Web application developers as well as evolving HTML and dealing with issues found in the existing specifications. HTML5 is designed to fix all those troubles in one huge transition to an extremely overhauled version of the web’s most popular language. html5 is several technologies but some of the most essential are: canvas tag, offline storage, new tags to help organize pages. Business people, companies are looking for HTML Conversion Services to get their existing website formats transformed into HTML5 formats because of the various advantages offered by HTML5.

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