Hello all,

My knowledge of website design is minimal and I need some guidance.

I work at a college. We have two campuses. One campus is currently using Ingenuix as their cms, the other campus (the one I'm on) is using CMS Made Simple. The other campus wants us to move to Ingenuix. Our web admin is fighting this. I believe the web admin doesn't want to make this move because they have everything rigged up badly and it wouldn't be a smooth transfer. So this web admin is trying to get everyone on board with her new idea of using Google Sites for all of our campus's pages.

Could you guys please provide me with some key points of why this is an awful idea. I understand why it isn't a good idea in my head, but I cannot explain it well. I'm not IT, I'm just one of the departments being affected by this move.

Thank you for any help you can give.