Hello All,

I am trying to create an object to holds random variables. These variables are randomly generated using the Math.random() function. I would like to have an object that has a lot of the Array() properties so that everytime the user clicks a button (or some sort of event happens), a new variable is pushed into the Object. So far this is what I am thinking the code should look like. NOTE [Don't worry about the randomizing side of it, because I know that part works, I am simply looking for advice on the Array inheritance so that every index on the object has all the properties and member functions]:

// function to randomly generate a number NOT THE PROBLEM

function myrand(min,max,inc)
    var lo=min-inc;
    var range=(max-lo)/inc;
    var A=inc*(Math.ceil(Math.random()*range+lo/inc));
    return A;

// Object to store random variables, THIS IS THE PROBLEM

function randVar()
    // Inheritance
    this.push = function () {

// Member Functions 

randVar.prototype.setName = function(name){  // allows user to set the variables name
    this.name = name;                            

randVar.prototype.setMinMaxInc = function(min, max, inc) 
{ // sets the minimum and maximum values the variable can range from, inc is the increment                                                                             
    this.min = min;                                                      
    this.max = max;
    this.inc = inc;

randVar.prototype.getRandNum = function()  // calculates and returns the random variable
    this.num = myrand(this.min, this.max, this.inc); // function was created above
    return this.num;

// Ideally in use:

var r = new randVar();

r[0].setName("First Variable");
r[0].getRandNum(); // returns a random number between 1 and 10 in increments of 1

r[1].setName("Second Variable");
r[1].getRandNum(); // returns a random number between 11 and 20 in increments of 2
I know this code is not correct. However I am looking for some advice. Hopefully what I am looking for makes sense for it will greatly simplify my project. Thanks!