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Thread: Keyword Mining

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    Keyword Mining

    Keyword mining is one of the popular ways of selection of keywords for your site. There are several advantages of this tool and it will help to get good results for your site.

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    Keyword mining is related to keyword research, for this you can use a keyword research tool such as Google Adwords keyword tool and you can go dipper with a keyword, this is the keyword mining I would say.
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    Keyword mining is as same as keyword research. As best is to make use of google adwords as you can research more and better keyword for your web-site.

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    Keyword mining is the process of searching for keyword ideas for paid search purposes. Keyword mining is used in particular for long tail strategies. It can also be used for SEO.

    Different sources, tools and services may be used for keyword mining:

    internal search data.
    dedicated keyword generators or tools offered by PPC platforms like Google Adwords.
    paid services and tools and often less effective free services.
    predictive search feature in Google search box.
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