We have a new site we're going to be rolling out soon:
and it looks great in all browsers and tablets... except when you turn on IE 9's compatibility mode, it totally rearranges nearly everything.
I wouldn't think that'd be much of an issue -- who uses compatibility mode?! Except a couple of our test users evidently had it turned on and never knew it. So when they went to the site, they complained of it looking all messed up. So now I wonder, how many other IE users are using compatibility mode and don't know it, because they happened to click that annoying icon in the URL field?

So... is there some way I can make the site not do what it's doing? Some CSS trick or adjustments? I've no idea.

Thanks for any help!
(Oh, and how's it look in IE 10? The the one browser I don't have access to yet. )