I have a work related task.
I have to verify whether medical images exist on a server.
The server has a front end search tool
I checked the source code and it was last updated in 2001. so it's OLD.

I have a list of missing images in an Excel spreadsheet I'd like to throw at this front end and all I'm looking for in return is a positive or negative feedback.
A 1 or a 0
Any type of binary confirmation will do.
I'm familiar with light powershell scripting.

Can anyone think of a way I can automate this? there's thousands of image IDs I need to check.

This is the table with the information:

			<!--~============ TABLE2 ============~-->
			<table border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0">
				<!--~-------- ROW3 --------~-->
					<td valign="top" align=right>
						Search by:&nbsp;
					<td valign="top">
						<SELECT size=1 id="idtype" name="idtype" <!--onchange='document.formhistdetail.id.value="";formhistdetail.submit();'-->>
							<option value="0" >Accession Number</option>
							<option value="1" >DICOM Study UID</option>
							<option value="2" >Study Tracking Number</option>
							<option value="3" >Patient ID</option>
							<option value="4" selected>Patient Name</option>							
							<option value="5" >Referring Physician</option>
							<option value="6" >Last N Studies (1-50)</option>
							<!-- -->
						<input type="text" size="20" name="id" value="--">
				<!--~------ END ROW3 ------~-->
				<!--~-------- ROW4 --------~-->
					<td align="right">
</td><td valign=top align=left>
						<SELECT size=1 id="idlabel" name="idlabel">
							<option value="0" selected>Accession Number</option>
							<option value="1" >DICOM Study ID</option>
							<option value="2" >Study Tracking Number</option>
				<!--~------ END ROW4 ------~-->
			<!--~========== END TABLE2 ==========~-->

It seems that I would need to call this:
specifying this:
<option value="3" >Patient ID</option>
Thank you for any assistance you can spare.