OK, I really need some serious advice with my site but to understand my problem here is a long drawn out explanation: In 2003 I left the UK for Indonesia where I met and married my wife. All her friends asked her where she could meet a nice husband like me and all my visitors asked me where they could find a nice wife like I have. Sounded like a good idea for a business so I recently put an introduction site together. It is run by my wife and I so I wanted it to look personal rather than professional. We have arranged a few happy marriages but the site doesn't seem to have the reach that I expected. I need to know if it is appealing and if not what to do about it. I am not an expert but I wrote the code myself. It has been submitted to the search engines: my wife has a Facebook page: I write articles with linkbacks and post Facebook clips with linkbacks. Still it is not performing that well. I know the market is there but I don't appear to be reaching it. Need a few friends to assist me. Please take a look and let me have your thoughts. http://www.indowife.info