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Thread: Importance of HTML.

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    Importance of HTML.

    Hi friends
    Nowadays, java applications are playing a major role in building web applications and dynamic websites..also there are other languages like php,perl and asp.net available. But how html is still important in website creation?

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    HTML is important as the base language that css, javascript and php plug in to. It provides the content that css styles, javascript enhances and php links to a database (to simplify their functions).

    By the way Java is a server-side language, not a web client language.
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    99.9% of the time or so, web applications are outputting HTML/CSS/JavaScript to the browser, so you need to understand them if you're going to output them, just like you need to understand English if you are going to output text in English.
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    If you want to possess a credible online presence that reflects your company and provides a platform to contend with competent rivals HTML is the best language for website creation. It's several benefits a number of them are:

    1. A significant benefit of HTML it is free of charge and no need to install any software.
    2. HTML is simple to use and understand. and high speed loading time.
    3. All browsers support HTML.
    4. Most development tools whatever they are paid or free all support HTML.
    5. HTML and XML syntax is extremely similar.

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