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    Contents for site

    Hello every1, I have learnt bou html and still continuing, i want to build my own site but i dont know what to write in it will some one please help me out

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    How can you learn about html and not know what to write your site in? A simple site is written in html, preferably with css to handle the styling. As you master the basics, you can add eye candy with javascript, or make the pages configurable with a server-side language like php.

    Or, on the other hand, you can use one of the many site-builder apps that allow you to build a web site without touching the code. I've never used them, so I can't help you there.

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    Developing the "concept" for a Web site is the hardest and most important step. Ask yourself: What is the purpose of site? Who do I want to reach as an audience? ... and so forth ...

    I'm not sure what phrase to use for a search, but most books on HTML/CSS touch on this topic of site development.

    Then use logical semantics in applying the HTML elements -- <H1>first in importance, <H2> etc. Make sure all your text is enclosed in an appropriate HTML element, such as a header <H1>--<H6>, <ol> <ul> or <dd> lists, <p> paragraph, etc. -- all of which require a closing </_>
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    what i mean is the contents for a website, HTML coding i can do that but the stuff people will see when they came to my site, that's the problem.

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