The jTypes 2 beta is now available for download...

jTypes is the most comprehensive and robust JavaScript library for overcoming differential inheritance with prototype-based objects. Its lightweight yet powerful design provides web programmers on any platform or browser the ability to emulate classical inheritance where objects are defined by classes.



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The second major release of jTypes includes new features such as property members using get and set accessors, encapsulation using access modifiers, along with a more robust inheritance chain and a much more functionally accurate form of polymorphism than its predecessor.
There are two main components in the beta, the compiler and the build manager. The compiler is a much more refined version of the previous compiler, but simply divided into access levels for the inclusion of encapsulation. The build manager however was completely redesigned, requiring a complete re-write. It should be NOTED that the build manager follows a new design pattern and was written in such a way to ensure the design pattern was followed. This was done in order to confirm that the design pattern was valid, and also to quickly develop a working build so our other developers can begin porting all of our in-house librarys using the new features. However, there are CONSIDERABLE speed increases that can be achieved during instantiation which will be implemented in jTypes 2.1 soon to come.
Therefore, jTypes (at this present time) should only be used for large scale components such as form elements or data tables where many concurrent instances will not be instantiated. The instances themselves are extremely lightweight, but until these inefficiencies have been corrected, it is not recommended to instantiate many instances at once.