Howdy folks,

My names Jon and this is my first post. I don't have a background in web design. Actually, I'm a taxi driver. About 3 years ago I had to quit driving, cause of kidney damage, and I've been dispatching out of my house ever since.

So I found out about a thing called Wordpress. I'm sure you all have heard of it? CNN uses it for their website. Anyways, I've been playing with several blogs on, but last week I bought my first domain name. I'm trying to start a taxi blog, about driving, and confessions and stuff like that, cause that stuff really does happen.

I found out about a company called Tinypass and they help you charge subscriptions for your articles. But you can also charge subscriptions and split payment between the owner of the website, and the writer of the article.

Now I've installed the plugin on my wordpress blog at my own domain name. And I found out that the wordpress plugin doesn't actually do split pay out of the box. I contacted Tinypass and they said I had two choices: 1) I could use the API, which they explained, and I thought it was too advanced for me. 2) I could edit the plugin to make it do what I want.

Then, they give me a link to a web developer who figured out how to edit the plugin, and posted the instructions on their website.

Those are the instructions to edit the plugin. Editing the plugin to make split pay avalable is a process of modifying two files.

File #1: Tinypass-forms.php

This file, was no problem. I found it very easy to make the required modifiations to this file.

This file, for which I am providing a direct link #2: TPPaysetting.php

This file is very complicated and difficult for me to understand where I must cut and paste the code.

I was really hoping, for somebody to help me make the adjustments to this file. For which I would be very grateful.

If somebody could please make these adjustments for me, and I think they will take you 1 minute if you are good at .php... as I am like taxi driving.

Very much obliged,