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Thread: I have a question regarding a PHP file, and instructions to cut and paste code.

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    I have a question regarding a PHP file, and instructions to cut and paste code.

    Howdy folks,

    My names Jon and this is my first post. I don't have a background in web design. Actually, I'm a taxi driver. About 3 years ago I had to quit driving, cause of kidney damage, and I've been dispatching out of my house ever since.

    So I found out about a thing called Wordpress. I'm sure you all have heard of it? CNN uses it for their website. Anyways, I've been playing with several blogs on Wordpress.com, but last week I bought my first domain name. I'm trying to start a taxi blog, about driving, and confessions and stuff like that, cause that stuff really does happen.

    I found out about a company called Tinypass and they help you charge subscriptions for your articles. But you can also charge subscriptions and split payment between the owner of the website, and the writer of the article.

    Now I've installed the plugin on my wordpress blog at my own domain name. And I found out that the wordpress plugin doesn't actually do split pay out of the box. I contacted Tinypass and they said I had two choices: 1) I could use the API, which they explained, and I thought it was too advanced for me. 2) I could edit the plugin to make it do what I want.

    Then, they give me a link to a web developer who figured out how to edit the plugin, and posted the instructions on their website.


    Those are the instructions to edit the plugin. Editing the plugin to make split pay avalable is a process of modifying two files.

    File #1: Tinypass-forms.php

    This file, was no problem. I found it very easy to make the required modifiations to this file.

    This file, for which I am providing a direct link #2: TPPaysetting.php


    This file is very complicated and difficult for me to understand where I must cut and paste the code.

    I was really hoping, for somebody to help me make the adjustments to this file. For which I would be very grateful.

    If somebody could please make these adjustments for me, and I think they will take you 1 minute if you are good at .php... as I am like taxi driving.

    Very much obliged,


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    So, apparently you were going to try to find every possible solution out there that didn't involve contacting me directly.

    Check out my latest work on this plugin and contact me to get these modifications to the plugin.
    TinyPass SplitPays for WordPress, Mark:2

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    Hi Akilez,

    Actually, I contacted you first. :-) I sent an email through the form on your website, like any normal person I would. I had two questions.

    1. About the tinypass.

    2. I asked how much you would want for a customized theme built on underscores... $$

    I didn't hear back from you, and then I started asking around.. I will drink some coffee, deal with my morning errands, and write a new email through the contact us page on your website.


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    btw, this is an annoying forum, that seems to allow no edit function.. Pardon my typo, that should say, "Like any normal person would."

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    I am sorry that you had trouble contacting me. I assure you that the contact us form and phone number on the site are accurate.

    As to what "Normal" people would do, the original post has been there for months, and instead of contacting me, people have been referencing my post in job sites, forums and other s for so long, but I haven't seemed to get any new calls, emails or whatever except the one that prompted me to revisit the plugin and improve my design/modification. Most of these people have been asking for same and similar modification now for $200, $500 and others. I could have made a small fortune off this.

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    Akilez, I totally understand why you are upset. I have run my own businesses for many years, and I have made some good decisions, and I have made some bad ones.

    the contact us form and phone number on the site are accurate.
    Accurate, but some of your emails are going to into your trash folder, you said so today.

    As to what "Normal" people would do, the original post has been there for months, and instead of contacting me,
    Forget normal, how about polite? I implore you to search your inbox, and your trash box for the email I sent you through your site, well over a week ago. I offered to pay for the modification. I asked for help, and said I could pay $. I do not know if I would have paid $200, but I certainly would have found $50, for what would have taken you a quick five minutes.

    people have been referencing my post in job sites, forums and other s for so long,
    This is a very difficult philosophical argument that humanity has been dealing with, since the invention of the internet. "Who should get paid for their knowledge, their insights, their thoughts, their work."

    This has not been settled yet.

    but I haven't seemed to get any new calls, emails or whatever except the one that prompted me to revisit the plugin and improve my design/modification.
    Once again I'm sorry to hear that, but I'd like to reference the email I sent. :-) Look for it, you will find it. Must be about ten days old now.. It offered $ for the mod.

    Anyways, you have received another email from me. I guess.. "Check your spam again." And add me to your contacts, and have a look at your spam filter settings.

    In this email, I gave you a budget for some customizing of underscores.me, and I asked for your 2.15 mod of the tinypass plugin. If you would like to charge me for the mod.. tell me $ exactly how much. I either have that cash, or not, and if you are negotiable, than we can work something out.

    I am a reasonable person. I am a person who believes: People should get paid for the work they do.



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    I think you've misunderstood, I was wasn't trying to be impolite or angry about people not contacting me. I was attacking the situation with good nature, though I guess I can see how that tone did not come across as I intended. I am laughing about the people that have not been thus far able (willing?) to contact me directly.

    I do know, now, that the contact form for some is going to the spam folder, though I cannot explain why for some, not all. It was under an assumption that all of my contact form emails were getting to me that I even mentioned people not trying to contact me, but even then I wasn't insulted or upset. I have gotten paid twice once for the original, semi incomplete modification, and then was contracted through my contact for to preform the the work in a better, and more complete manner, which prompted the second article.

    I'm generally an easy going guy and I don't get upset about the lost revenue opportunities here. I had thought no one "cared" about the article I wrote until this month when I was contacted to make more changes. It was then I searched and found people offering the work, and referencing mine. I was actually proud to find that people would reference me.

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    The good news for you, is that people are going to come and contact you. However, you need to fix your form, I'm sure you know that. This time around, you might not make that small fortune, but you do seem like a problem solver, and people are going to remember that, when they need a wp plugin customized, or somebody to write an app/plugin using an api from somewhere.

    I think you will be OK.

    And you should be proud, you found a very cool, "hot rodding," solution to a big problem.


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