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Thread: Looking for feedback on my library (JavaScript classical inheritance emulator)

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    Looking for feedback on my library (JavaScript classical inheritance emulator)


    I created a JavaScript library for emulating classical inheritance. It uses a C#-like compiler that is also written in JavaScript (no pre-processing). Please let me know your thoughts and if you have any suggestions for improvements or additions. I hope you find it useful. Thank you for your time.

    jTypes: Classical Inheritance Emulator

    (I also hope to have more documentation online soon to show more of the benefits and point out some of the mistakes/pitfalls to avoid when utilizing classical inheritance concepts in JavaScript with its prototypal inheritance and language "quirks" -- let me know of anything else you think should be included as well)

    To Moderator: I had a previous post from last week but did not have any documentation and received no responses. I tried to go edit my original post but was unable to do so, so I apologize for a second post.

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    and I forgot the link anyway...

    jTypes: Classical Inheritance Emulator

    can you really not edit posts?

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