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Thread: Building HTML code from Design elements

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    Post Building HTML code from Design elements


    I am developing a website which works as follows:

    1. A user will login to my website and be able to build a static webpage. He can select the design elements (logo, text, theme, layout) for a webpage.
    2. This webpage will be dynamically changed as per user's selection and can be saved.
    3. After saving the design elements, html and css code files should be generated which are able to produce exactly the same design as per the user selection.

    It is something similar to building webpages in Dreamviewer or Frontpage (through the direct selection of design elements)

    My queries are as follows:
    1. Is there an existing mechanism to achieve this
    2. If not, what is most suitable way to implement it
    3. How can it be implemented in PHP as an online service

    Any pointers regarding this would be very helpful. Looking forward to some guiding responses.


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    1. I do not know.

    2a. Most suitable is a difficult question.
    2b. Most straight forwards is probably to write the screen builder in PHP, if that is the intended delivery mechanism, but I suspect that would limit the look and feel.

    3. PHP is an obvious candidate for the delivery mechanism, using pre-written code fragments that are included at run-time.

    My overall thoughts: This is a very ambitious exercise unless you already have a good grounding in PHP or a similar language. I'm not sure how you would achieve a "drag and drop" style interface, if that was what you intended, or if it is even possible in PHP. I'd suggest writing a very simple test page just to see what can be achieved, before committing to a full-scale development.

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