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    Hey everyone. I have a question about this HTML/twitscroll.b virus. Basically a friend has a website that has been up for I believe a little over a year now and now when you visit it, anti-virus software detects this HTML/twitscroll.b virus in the pages. This happened once and we removed it but it is now back again. What I am wondering is, what ways could this virus be getting itself onto his website. His site is very basic and utilizes html/css/php/MySQL but only basic stuff and nothing complex. Also, what does this virus do anyway? I can't find any information on it through google searches and when I do find something about it, it is in a different language so I can't read it. Any help to get me started on a possible solution would be great. Also, once I get more information from my friend to access his ftp again, I will be able to provide more information such as code snippets. Thanks.

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    sorry for this post being submitted twice. I originally posted this one but my internet timed out and when I refreshed it looked as if it didn't submit in and my post count still said 0 so I wrote my problem again and now both posts are showing up. Just wanted to let everyone know it wasn't intentional and if this post could be deleted or closed that would be great. Thanks.

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