Hey everyone. I have a question about this HTML/twitscroll.b virus. Basically a friend has a website that has been up for I believe a little over a year now and now when you visit it, anti-virus software detects this HTML/twitscroll.b virus in the pages. This happened once and we removed it but it is now back again. What I am wondering is, what ways could this virus be getting itself onto his website. His site is very basic and utilizes html/css/php/MySQL but only basic stuff and nothing complex. Also, what does this virus do anyway? I can't find any information on it through google searches and when I do find something about it, it is in a different language so I can't read it. Any help to get me started on a possible solution would be great. Also, once I get more information from my friend to access his ftp again, I will be able to provide more information such as code snippets. Thanks.