Hello everyone,

Before i tell you about my problem, i wish to mention a few things about myself so that you can optimize your feedback on my background.

I like to program and i have a very good understanding on languages C/C++/C#/VB/Java. I also study Informatics and Telematics , so i know a lot about how computers and the internet works.

From time to time, i have read some tutorials on various languages related to web development like HTML/XHML/CSS/Javasript ( also some asp.net and ajax ). However, i never dealt a great amount of effort on learning them.

Recently i decided to get deeper into these and become a web developer. But i should be honest ... it's about the money. I'm low on funds and i really need to get a job. Unemployment in my country has skyrocketed but there is always demand for web developers. So, it is a great opportunity for me.

Now the real problem :

I have tried reading many tutorials but i always have the same problem. They are damn boring! All beginner tutorials treat the reader as a person with no background and get bored to death! I know what the web browser does, i know what a client is, i know what a server is, i know a lot of stuff that i do not need to read over and over again.

I ask for some good tutorials that assume the reader knows the basics. I would also be GRATEFUL to be given some tips from you guys about do's and don'ts, tools you use, and maybe help reorder items in the following list.

Things to learn :

2) CSS
3) Javascript
5) PHP
6) Ajax
7) MySQL