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Thread: syntax error.

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    syntax error.

    Hi there,
    I can't find where I made a mistake, for years...
    $row = "INSERT INTO Student (Name, Surename, StudentID, Generation) VALUES ('$_POST[$student_data[0]]', '$_POST[$student_data[1]]', '$_POST[$student_data

    [2]]', '$_POST[$student_data[3]]')";

    This is report: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[', expecting ']' in
    Thanks in advance...

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    With the disclaimer that this is the worst possible coding practice, because you're wide open to SQL injection attacks if you write your code this way, here's the solution. You need to escape your strings. Like this.

    $row = "INSERT INTO Student (Name, Surename, StudentID, Generation) VALUES ('{$_POST[$student_data[0]]}', '{$_POST[$student_data[1]]}', '{$_POST[$student_data[2]]}', '{$_POST[$student_data[3]]}')";

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