I am making a light box. It works great, but what I want it to do is change text with the photo. My code is below and my working project is here
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        <p>John Doggette served as a volunteer mediator with the Community Conflict Services and Mennonite Peace Center program since 2007 before moving in 2012 to his current role. Because of his commitment to mediation as a means of helping empower people to resolve their own conflicts he agreed in 2012 to come out of retirement to direct the Community Mediation Program of the Mennonite Peace Center.</p>
<p>Since his 2006 arrival in St. Louis he has also volunteered and facilitated men's groups with RAVEN including those at the City of St Louis Workhouse.</p>
<p>He has been committed to volunteer mediation since 1997 when he completed the first of two 40-hour required mediation courses toward his State of Tennessee Certification in Civil and Family Mediation. From 1997 to 2005 he served as the first full time director of the Knoxville, Tennessee Community Mediation Center, a center with over 100 volunteer mediators. During his tenure, mediation became an integral and valued conflict resolution component. The Knoxville Community Mediation Center grew to support referrals from the Civil, Criminal and Juvenile Courts as well as the general community. Dr. Doggette was also one of eight mediators for the State of Tennessee, Division of Special Education providing conflict resolution between schools and families as well as training to State and local governments, business organizations and neighborhood organizations.</p>
<p>Prior to his interest in mediation John  was employed for 25 years by Oak Ridge Associated Universities a contractor for the Department of Energy where he was a division leader specializing in training and development  providing support  services across  the nation. </p>

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