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    At loss in web design

    First i would like to state i know i make alot of errors but plese bare with me.

    here is my issue i am a developer meaning i do C++,php,javascript and that is what i really like being able to use logic to solve problems but recently i thaught to give the freelance thing a try(im 17). Thing id thogh i am not new to html and or css and how they are used i just cannot seem to get my sites to look great and trust me i have read alot to help. what makes it worse i see sites that i know take less effort than what i do but by far look better. i use to think if i knowed how to get all my divs where i wanted them i could do anything seems i was wrong.

    I mostly do raw codeing but have tried photoshop and hated it, tried fireworks and love it(well it makes doing the layout easier than refreshing the page in notedpad or dreamweaver)

    Links deleted by Administrator at OP's request

    those are some that i have alredy done

    can any great deigner or decent handcoder help me out what is it i need to improve or is it something i just dont have.

    i alse have 2 screenshots of things i have done please help
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