I am trying to use a basic css drop down menu as it would allow me to add pages to my site easily and expand it in the future with no real problems. I found a nice script but some of the things I can't get quite placed how I want them.

I am trying to move the slider right up against the nav bar, I am sure I put a massive padding bottom on something when I was playing around with it.
The nav menu doesn't overlap the slider, would using stack overflows be away around this.
I am also trying to move the social network buttons in line with the nav bar.
The links don't center despite me using margin 0x auto; through out the nav links
When I move onto subcategories the main link disappears
I was also trying to make the black line go right up the side of the links not begin half way down and stretch too far down.
I have been playing around with it for hours and its not too far away but I couldn't get round these obstacles.