Here's what I want. I want a nice, simple CMS that my clients can easily understand to modify their site's content on one or a few pages. I would like them to be able to log in, add images, video, text (and edit the text), and so on. All I want to have to do is upload the CMS to my server and put a one line reference to the content inside the actual page. Every CMS program I've tried (even the ones that boasts they're lightweight and simple) are too complex. I developed one on my own a couple years ago, but I worry about security, since all I have is a simple .htaccess script protecting it. Plus, since I used things like TinyMCE, it's a bit cumbersome.

Can anyone recommended a CMS like this? I have searched long and far for years and would really like one.

Wordpress is the only one I've found that comes close, but it requires a lot of hacking and it's still complex to use casually.