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Thread: Hide parent element from an iframe link

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    Question Hide parent element from an iframe link


    I'm working on a project, and I need to find a solution to hide a DIV element by clicking a link located in an iframe. The problem is that DIV element is located in the parent window, not in the iframe!

    Here is the html code for the two pages:

    index.html (parent window)
    <div id="element">element to be hidden</div>
    <iframe src="iframe.html" width="320" height="40" frameborder="1" name="iframe"></iframe>

    iframe.html (iframe window)
    <a href="">click here to hide the parent window element!</a>

    If you could be as specific as possible with your solution, that would be great and much appreciated! I'm not skilled with JavaScript and CSS.

    I searched Google for a few hours, but I couldn't solve the problem, even though my first guess is that this is a pretty simple thing to do. ;)

    Anyhow, I noticed some were using a combination of JavaScript and CSS (display:none;) for cases close to this one.

    Below you can find a small archive with the two pages listed above.

    Thank you very much!
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