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Thread: [RESOLVED] Menu not working in IE

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Menu not working in IE


    I'm working on a website which has a horizontal menu and one submenu. The menu is made up from images and when the mouse hovers over an item the image changes to one with red text. The menu looks fine in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera but I can get it to work in Internet Explorer.


    Any ideas?


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    I tested IE 10 and IE 8 mode and the menu "worked". It's not positioned vertically as well as it might, but I don't see a real problem. What do you see?

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    Hi, I didn't explain it very well there. I managed to fix one of the issues I had, but the remaining issue is with the Media submenu. In the other browsers the 3 sub items (Recordings, Artists, Equipment) are joined together so it looks like one image, but in IE they are separated.


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