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Thread: The main advantages of .NET framework

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    The main advantages of .NET framework

    Some of the main advantages of this framework are

    This framework works on object-oriented programming. This helps to eliminate the amount of unnecessary codes and involves less coding for the developers. Developers enjoy working on this platform as it increases their productivity.
    It is the best platform to develop fully functioning websites with an exclusive user experience and provides the best performance. Interactive websites tends to attract more customers to the site, increasing their chance of being a potential buyer.
    .NET provides a base class library that supports innovative web development. It enables to fulfill varied functions like graphic rendering and file reading etc. It has all the resources to provide websites with different functionality and manage it smoothly at the same time.

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    The .Net Framework offers a number of advantages to developers
    Below are few advantages of .Net Framework

    1) Consistent programming model
    2) Direct Support for Security
    3) Simplified Development efforts
    4) Easy application deployment and Maintenance
    5) Assemblies

    1)Consistent programming model : With .Net accessing data with a C# and VB.Net very similar apart from slight syntactial differeneces. Both the programs need to import the System.Data namespace, both programs establish connection with database and both programs run a query and display the data.
    2)Direct Support for Security : .Net framework enables the developer and the system administrator to specify method level security.
    3)Simplified Development efforts: The .Net Framework simplifies debugging with support for Runtime diagnostics.
    4)Easy application deployment and Maintenance : The .Net Framework makes easy to deploy applicaitons.The .Net Framework handles the details of locating and loads the components.
    5)Assemblies : Assembly is elementary unit in a framework application. It performs various functions in programming with the .Net Frame work. Every computer that has the .Net Framework installed with have the Global Assembly Cache.

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