I'm looking to start up a brilliant new website, dedicated to tattoo artistry and news. the Idea is that much of the tattoo industry is word-of-mouth, but with this website it will be a place that people can search their local area for tattoo shops, read reviews on the shop, and be able to look up and connect with the artists. The site will feature medical news related to tattooing and body modification, and be a place where shops can post jobs or apprenticeships. The site will generate revenue by selling ad space to tattoo shops and tattoo suppliers, as well as charge a small fee for some exclusive services on the site. starting out, I'm looking for a basic website, I have some design laid out on paper. But I want the artists to be able to create their own individual profiles.

I have very restricted funds right now, so as far as start up there is no compensation, I'm listing this project on KickStarter to help generate some funds. Payment can be discussed, but is not guaranteed.