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Thread: php form reply with attachment like invoice or html but needs different invoice #

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    Question php form reply with attachment like invoice or html but needs different invoice #


    What I am trying to achieve is automatic invoicing to customer after they have filled out my contact form.
    what would be good if the script could automatically generate a pdf which quotes their name, product,date, and a message from me saying thank you blah blah blah.

    but the pdf isn't essential even if it was just a html invoice quote the customers name, product, date, invoice number, upon completion of the form but the invoicing would need to be sequential so constantly increasing by 1 number some sort of auto generating invoice

    thanks to all I've tried searching for tutorials but its hard because I don't exactly know what I am meant to be searching for to find this.

    thanks & regards,


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    One way is to simply output the invoice as an HTML page, but include a "print" media type in that page's CSS style settings to tailor things for when it's sent to the printer (e.g. suppressing display of site navigation menus or purely decorative graphics, making everything black on white, and so forth).

    If you really want/need to go the PDF route, there are a few PHP classes/functions out there that can be used. I used TCPDF with decent success a couple years ago, and I think FPDF is another one that's pretty popular.
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    You wouldn't happen to have that script still laying about please because I wouldn't know where to start. Or if you could point me to a tut that will cover this itwould be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for replying by the way.


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    Just recap I new to coding and php I just about can send forms but I don't know how I would attached a HTML file to be automatically sent to an email after filling out the form

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