I just copied the wrote the whole program as per the book headfirst javascript.
Even downloaded the images as instructed from there website.
the program is exactly the same as in book(at least that's what i think)

It is suppose to show unhappy face and they should ak for user's name and then dispaly the message and then the happy face

Still when i run it, everything works, but i dont see the rock_happy.png image in the end,.. can anyone help??

I know i am making a silly mistake, just not able to pin point it

I am pasting the program below........

iRock - The Virtual Pet Rock
<script type="text/javascript">
function touchRock()
var username = prompt("May i have your name please", "Enter your name here");
if (userName){
alert("it is good to meet you, " + userName + ".");
document.getElementById("rock_happyImg").src = "C:\Users\JAIPAL\Desktop\rock_happy.png;";
<body onload = "alert('Hi, i am your pet Rock!! ');">
<div style="margin-top:100px; text-align:center">
<img id="rock_happyImg" src="C:\Users\JAIPAL\Desktop\rock.png" alt="iRock" onclick="touchRock();"/>