Hi there,

I am very keen in becoming a web developer and becoming a freelancer in the future. I just completed a Business Administration undergraduate and did not really study much about IT except on my own. My IT skill level for a layman is 5 on a scale of 1 to 10.

I have no experience whatsoever in web development. I read a lot of advice online but it seems everyone has their own opinion of what program I should start with. I want to find out where do I start? Here are some questions I have:

1. There is HTML5, RUBY on RAILS, JAVA, PHP, etc etc. What would the best program to begin with and build my skill level. I am very interested, so I foresee picking up a program faster than the average person.

2. In order to build a high graphic sensational site such as for a photographer, what tools would i need? I am aware you can build a site only with HTML on a notepad. I mean to build a fully functional site with shopping cart, intergrated with Social Networking tools, CMS function, etc etc. What programs should I be looking at learning?

3. If I am an above average learner, with an average IT literacy as a layman, how long would it take me to learn programs in No.2 ?

Thank you in advance for your worthy comments. I am excited to start but not sure where to start.