I've been using Dreamweaver to make websites for a while, but rather simple sites, so I do consier myself to be just a beginner. I make them for fun. I just was asked to make a website for a friend but have some questions I wanted to ask before I decide to take the job.
The website, generally speaking, is a list of equipment (the kind does not matter, but it would list the equipment, the company that makes it, the year it was released, etc..). The site would need to have drop down menus, or combo boxes, and after the user makes some choices, the resulting list of equipment would need to be sorted according to those parameters - kind of like on Ebay, where you do a search and the results display, but then you could say you want to sort it by newly listed, lowest price first, time ending soonest,etc...and then the results would sort themselves out. Like that.
Can this be done in Dreaweaver, or would it require some other programming language?

Thank you sincerely in advance!