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Thread: confirmation email on new registration help?

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    confirmation email on new registration help?

    Hello friends,
    I want to make my website registration more secure and i want to send a confirmation mail on new registration. so guys help me and suggest me a best php script for that.

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    Step 1
    // Create the activation code:
    $email = get the email id
    $a = md5(uniqid(rand(), true));
    $link = 'http://ursite.com/activate.php?x='.urlencode($email).'&y='.$a;

    Save the above code in ur Data base and send a mail to the email id with this link.

    Step 2
    In the activate.php page, just match the clicled url with ur Database stored url in step 1.

    Thats all..

    Let me know if u need any more clarification

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