Hey guys,

so I built this little website for my band and just when I thought I was finished, I discovered some major compatibility problems I'm having with browsers other than Internet Explorer (which is the one I've been working with while writing up the code)

Most of the site is actually displayed correctly throughout all browsers, it's just the header that's giving me a headache. I's weird, really. In Firefox and Safari, the header ul (consisting of images) is displayed like 15-20px too far up while in Chrome it's completely cluttered ( ul li are not even in line and push down everything underneath)

I already did a whole lot of research but I haven't really found anything on the same problem. I know creating several specific style sheets might do the trick but I wouldn't know at all what kind of different code I'd have to put into those...

If there is anybody who can help me out there, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have.