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Thread: Dot Net V/S PHP

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    Dot Net V/S PHP

    The Fundamental Differences Between Dot NET And PHP
    Dot NET is not a language. Dot NET is a framework that can be incorporated along with many languages whereas PHP is a HTML embedded scripting language.
    Dot NET runs only on windows or IIS whereas PHP runs on any Operating system and HTTP server
    Dot NET is not an open technology. Dot NET requires upgrading the hardware and spending money for software licenses. But PHP is an open technology. PHP is free of cost and available free on web.
    Dot NET can work better with MYSQL server and Dot NET uses ODBC for others, in the other hand PHP can support many databases both open sources as well as commercial.
    Dot NET is not that easy, whereas PHP is easily learnable and understandable.
    Dot NET supports OOPS paradigm and OOPS concepts but whereas PHP does not implement OOPS concepts.
    Above all Dot Net is slow when compared to PHP.
    Thus, both has its own pros and cons. So, which would be better depends on what you are going to be doing with it, and what languages or frameworks you have already gained experience with.

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    Linux knowledge is not necessary to learn php. Easy to use Linux-Apache-Php packages are available for windows also. EasyPhp, wamp server are a few to name.
    Advantages of learning php.
    1. Easy to learn. If you know C, it will be very easy. It uses the same syntax. All you need to lean is the concept.
    2. Php hosting is cheap
    3. Popular blog managers like wordpress and CMSs like joomla and drupal are biult on php. If you want to master them in future, select php
    Advantages of asp.net
    1. You will get better salary, atleast here in india, compared to php
    2. You are allowed to code in any of the available languages like vb.net, c#.net, vc++.net etc

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