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Thread: Html, website development and a massive mess to sort out!

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    Html, website development and a massive mess to sort out!

    Hello everyone,

    I work as SEO for an e-commerce website.
    The CMs they have used to build this site is windows access and while optimizing the site I should be able to change the html metadata through the Access platform but unfortunately it doesn't work.
    the content in the html tags is different from the one that i have in access and although I change it the content within the meta tags doesn't change.
    Also on access there are keywords that should be in the meta tag but they don't appear to be there.

    Also I should be able to change and manage the title tags of each page through the access system, but it doesn't work.

    This is frustrating and I can't get things done.; i don't understand why it doesn't work and I don't know what to do.



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    Most CMS packages allow users to control the <meta> tags, and it sounds like the software is overriding the server settings you're trying to use. So the solution is to find out how the CMS operates. Start with the documentation. If its well-supported package, the documentation should be available online. If it's not online, try contacting the vendor. If there's no documentation, then you'll have to try to use the package's Admin or Control Panel. If that fails, then you'll have to examine the source code for the package and figure out how it sets these tags.

    Search engines are your best friend in these situations. Even if there's no official support, unless its custom software, you'll probably be able to find some references in online forums.
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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