We very much welcome other developers companies for cooperation in case you have order overflow feel free to contact us.
And in all time you may expect that we will tell you exactly what's the situation, what must be done and the fare price for it. No hidden costs or dodgy arguing.

We are small Web Design & Development Studio named „Bad Company” OU based in capital of Estonia “Tallinn“. We have wonderful team of programmers, designers, content writers and marketing specialists who have grate experience in range of services below.

  • Website/web-store development
  • Design
  • 3d animation
  • Photography
  • Content Creation
  • SEO optimization
  • Internet marketing.
  • Hosting & CMS

If to be honest we just love what we do. Ability to create successful business solutions makes us happy, in fact we enjoy it even more when we receive positive customer feedback. And That’s all about it, everything else is just a must do thing in order achieve statement number one.

You may find our portfolio on our home page

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Little information about our home country and environment we live in, which will explain you why we are the best price&quality solution for your company.
So first of all Estonia is a small Scandinavian country near Finland with population little more than one million people. Most people here, speak fluent English and on average we have one of the highest education level in a world. Interesting fact that many years Estonian Government invested lots of time and money in IT sphere. And as a result now Estonia is world famous e-country where everything is done through the internet. You may see here how parents check their children grades online and how the government election is being done through the internet. We have Nation-wide WiFi, including places like public transport. IT habits like checking table availability in our favorite restaurant online, and at same time using mobile parking and many many others.

Interesting facts: Skype comes from Estonia and despite it was sold to Ebay and later to Microsoft, development still remains in Estonia.
We are also proud that Playtech (World biggest e-casino company) has it's huge development team in Estonia, Nokia moved most of it's testing to Estonia and companies like HP, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Audi and Shell do their development in Estonia.

Many of us already worked on some of this companies but honestly despite the quality of work force professionals here are payed way less than in (UK or US or most of the European countries).
So concerning the price and quality in IT sphere this country is best place to work with.

Bad Company OÜ
Skype: dozenyellowcars (Andrew)