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Thread: Rules for the SEO Forum

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    Post Rules for the SEO Forum

    We are thrilled to be able to offer a forum on SEO and search engine topics!

    Unfortunately, this forum tends to get abused. As such, there are a few rules we've put in place:

    Rule 1: Do not ask "WHAT IS SEO?"
    This question has been asked. This question has been asked. Did I mention, this question has been asked. It has also been answered many, many times. Simply search this forum and read the existing answers. The same is true about topics like SEM, Search, backlinking, and standard SEO terms.

    Rule 2: This forum is not for promoting SEO services and companies
    Do not answer these questions in this forum with "I recommend company.....". Links to SEO companies will be removed, and you risk being banned for advertising.

    Rule 3: Don't write a post with an attempt to simply back-link.
    This forum uses "No Follow" on any links within posts, so you get no "SEO Juice" so don't bother with the back-links. You simply risk getting banned.

    Rule 4: Don't respond to this thread with your SEO questions.
    Create a new thread for questions. Only respond to this thread with questions about the rules and/or this post. You'll have a better chance to get an answer to your specific question(s) by creating your own thread.

    Rule 5: See rule 1.

    What you can do is ask specific questions about SEO and related topics. You can even ask questions about what specific elements of SEO are. There are changes to SEO regularly, so there will always be plenty to talk about in this forum without rehashing the same basic four or five questions!

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    thank you, your information is useful for me

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    Search Engine Optimization forum discussing general tips and tricks to optimize your website for the search engines as a white hat. Find ideas to fine tune your website for top rankings using on-page optimization tactics.

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    Nice share.It all depends on the existing link profile. If links are not natural, too many of those forum links, comment links, blogroll links, in-content links, directory links, article links. They all work. But too many of any of those is equally harmful

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    Thank you, very helpful to me

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    Thank you. very useful information.

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    Thank You that is helpful.

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