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Thread: Need to Learn JQuery and Photo Swipe ASAP

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    Need to Learn JQuery and Photo Swipe ASAP

    Hello all,

    I'm a freelance web designer/developer, xhtml php mysql css javascript.

    1) I need to learn to update javascript to jquery.
    2) I need to update my photo gallery sliders to swipe on mobile devices.

    And I have to demo my first gallery to the client in TWO WEEKS, so I need to learn fast.

    I would prefer to write this myself, not download some canned routine.

    I've googled till I can't google no more, and I need your help. What's the quickest way for me to learn this stuff?

    Thanx in advance.


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    jQuery is not a language it's just a perfect js library. you can just help people at these forums and learn from it.
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    This might be a good start:


    If you're familiar with JavaScript already, it shouldn't take you too long to get to grips with jQuery. To master it takes a little more time however

    I would recommend in future not to set deadlines until you actually know the ins and outs :P

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    Thank you Padonak and Aralus for your suggestions.

    Learning jQuery isn't that difficult if you know JavaScript - it's just a little time consuming to learn all the syntax and api's.

    Here's what really helped me out with my photo gallery demo:

    The trouble was I was googling "photo swipe" and "jquery photo swipe" instead of "jquery mobile swipe". Hopefully this will help out others in my position.

    The demo went very well! Now I just need to crack down and learn jQuery and jQuery Mobile properly.

    And just fyi - I didn't set the deadline, the deadline was set for me. Maybe I shouldn't have agreed to it, but I really wanted to show off for this lady who was available for just one day.

    Thanks again.


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