Hi guys,

I am working on developing a new website for my company that involves agent pages (each agent has their own microsite), and I am looking for an easier way to handle all 600 agent pages.

I have found what I am looking for, but I have no idea what to look for in building this platform.

When the user enters the website, it is designed to display the information of the company, such as phone number. When the user selects a specific agent (or loan officer in this case), it directs them to the loan offers page, such as website.com/joesmith/. The interesting thing about this platform is that it then changes all the phone numbers listed on the page, as well as the "home" button link, so that it always recognizes that the user is linked with Joe Smith.

If the user selects a link in the navigation, the /joesmith/ portion of the URL is not present (suggesting that they only have one "about" page that changes based on cookies), but if they then select the home button, it directs them back to Joe Smith's home page, rather than the companies home page.

An example of the webpage that I am talking about is here. http://www.cobaltmortgage.com/

It seems to store a cookie, or data point when the user enters an agent's page, and then changes the rest of the site to the information that needs to be presented. I know how I could build a few of the pieces, but I don't quite understand how to store the data entered (who the agent is), and then display the proper information.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of how I can accomplish this? It would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!